Ryan McClarren
Ryan develops the models for the blog’s forecasts and leads Farsite’s data science teams. Originally in high-performance computation for nuclear engineering, he earned his PhD from the University of Michigan and worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory and as a faculty member at Texas A&M University. Outside of the technical realm, Ryan enjoys literature, the movies of Wes Anderson, and spending time with his wife and two daughters.

Conor Gaughan
Conor contributes entertainment industry perspective to the Farsite Forecast. Prior to joining Farsite, Conor worked as an investment banker and entrepreneur with extensive experience in the media and entertainment industries. Conor is active in community organizations and maintains a digital media company, Collective Conscience, which produced a few highly acclaimed viral videos of 2012. He is a big fan of movies from TWC and Participant, but it was Milk that inspired him the most.

Michael Gold
Michael provides commentary on the role of data science in the entertainment industry for the Farsite Forecast. Michael leads Farsite and also oversees business development and partner relations. Michael’s favorite movie is Sneakers because it was ahead of its time. Michael has a number of foreign languages under his belt which has helped him understand what his two-year-old daughter is saying.

Ian Petruziello
Ian applies his knowledge of design to serve as a visual translator for Farsite’s data scientists helping them produce rich information graphics including those posted on this blog. Most of Ian’s time outside of the office is spent at his collaborative design studio, where he pursues a variety of art and design projects. Early 2012 Ian and his studio-mates started Monday Mystery Movie Night. Each week one member selects a movie for the studio members to watch but secrecy is a must. Only they may know what the movie is! Some titles include Layer Cake, Spirited Away, and Attack the Block.